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Frequently asked questions

For policies purchased after 27th June 2022:

What You Are Covered For:

Q. Am I covered if I (or my travelling companion or people we are due to stay with) test positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19) within 14 days of my holiday?

Yes, Your policy will cover you subject to the terms and conditions, if you need to cancel your trip because:

You or a close relative are diagnosed with or have contracted COVID-19, providing it has been more than 48 hours since you purchased the policy. or You are required to self-isolate, subject to a positive test result/confirmation from a GP, or notification from the Track & Trace system and if someone you were due to travel with or stay with on your trip needs to self-isolate.

Q. Am I covered if either I or my travelling companion are denied boarding by the transport operator (eg. airline) as a result of a positive test or temperature reading?

Yes, cover is provided if you or your travel companion are denied boarding following either a COVID-19 diagnosis with an NHS or other government official test or receiving a temperature test reading or other medical test which falls outside of the transport provider’s terms of travel.

Q. Am I covered for medical costs if I fall ill with Coronavirus (COVID-19) whilst I am abroad? 

Yes. This would be covered under medical expenses section of the policy. If medically necessary we will also arrange for you to be brought back home.

Providing you aren’t travelling against the advice of Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) or another regulatory authority 

Q. Am I covered if I have checked in at my holiday accommodation, but they then need to close as a result of coronavirus?

Yes, provided you have already checked in and the reason for closure is due to you, a guest or an employee being diagnosed due to coronavirus. If your accommodation closes before this point, your tour operator or travel provider will be responsible for helping you and you’d need to contact them as soon as possible.

Q. Am I covered for any additional costs following the diagnosis of Coronavirus COVID-19 whilst abroad?

Yes you are covered, If you contract coronavirus whilst on your trip,  we will pay up (to the amount shown in the summary of cover) for costs incurred outside your home country that have been authorised by the emergency assistance company.

Q. Am I covered if I fall ill with COVID-19 whilst abroad and as a result need to extend my stay? 

Yes, if you develop COVID-19 whilst abroad your policy will cover you for emergency medical treatment, repatriation and other expenses and additional transport and accommodation if you are unable to return home as planned. 

Q. Am I still covered if the FCDO advice changes whilst I am abroad?

Yes. If their advice changes solely due to COVID-19 and you have a Single Trip European policy, you can continue your holiday knowing that your policy will still be valid and offer you cover, however If you do decide to come home you wouldn’t be covered for any costs.

Q. Am I covered if I test positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19) before I travel?

Cancellation due to a pandemic illness or for personal quarantine is not covered within the first 48 hours of the policy purchase date.

Q. Am I covered if I being made redundant?

Yes, provided that you were working at your current place of employment for a minimum of 2 years and that you were not aware of any impending redundancy at the time this policy was issued or the trip was booked.

What You Are Not Covered For:

Q. Am I covered if my trip is going ahead as planned but I no longer wish to travel?

No, We understand how this can make your trip less enjoyable and means you may incur additional costs, but unfortunately this wouldn’t be covered – as it’s still your choice whether to go or not. It’s usually worth speaking to your tour operator or travel provider to see if they can move your dates.

Q. Am I covered if the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) or World Health Organisation (WHO) or local regulator advise against all but essential travel?

No you are not covered, if you are unable to travel because the government/or another regulatory authority have imposed restrictions, including national lockdown or regional quarantine.

Q. My airline have cancelled my flight – is this covered?

No – Your airline should step in as they have a duty of care to help you. Under European Air Passenger Regulations (still in force during the Brexit transition period) they must offer you either a full refund or alternative flights. Check your rights on the Civil Aviation Authority website.

Q. Am I covered if the area I am staying is placed into lockdown by the local government and I cannot return home when I am due to come back?

No. If this happens, please contact your tour operator or travel provider for assistance.

This is not a private health insurance policy. The Insurer will pay for private treatment only if there is no appropriate reciprocal health agreement in existence and no public service available and the Insurer reserves the right to organise a transfer from a private medical facility to a public medical facility where appropriate. If you are taken/or go to a private medical facility, costs that arise will only be covered if you have contacted  the emergency medical assistance company and any treatment has been authorised by them.

Pregnancy is not deemed to be an illness and therefore is only covered if complications arise with the pregnancy. However note that airlines may not carry a pregnant woman flying around her due date. There is no cover under the policy if an airline refuses to board the passenger. 

Most sections of the policy carry an Excess. This is the first amount of any claim that you will have to pay. The amount may vary depending on the level of cover you have chosen. It is applicable per person per section. The Excess will be reduced to NIL if you have used an EHIC (Formally E111) to reduce your medical expenses bill or paid the Excess Waiver upgrade.

Our travel insurance offers cover for trips globally: from Europe to America, Africa to Asia. If you’re not entirely sure where your holiday falls under, then this is easily found out by simply by entering the name of the country into the travelling to box, or selecting either European or Worldwide regions.

United Kingdom 

England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.




Albania, Andorra, Austria, the Azores, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, the Channel Islands, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Greece (including the Greek Islands, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, the Faroe Islands, Finland (including Lapland), France, Gibraltar, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland (Republic), the Isle of Man, Israel, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, the Netherlands, North Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (including the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia,Turkey, Ukraine and the Vatican City.


Australia and New Zealand


Worldwide excluding USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean


Worldwide including USA, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean

Depending on which country or countries you’re visiting, you can select one of the following regions on the drop down menu:

United Kingdom


Australia and New Zealand

Worldwide – excluding USA, Canada or the Caribbean

Worldwide – including USA, Canada or the Caribbean


Please check the Travel Advice Unit of the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO)  before your trip to check for Visa and Travel information here

Travel insurance provides benefits over and above the medical treatment costs that are covered by the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). 


Maximum trip limits available when purchasing or extending a policy are 100 nights if aged 65 or under, 62 nights if aged between 66 and 75 or 31 nights if aged between 76 and 85.

An Annual Travel Insurance policy covers you for an unlimited amount of trips abroad throughout the year. The maximum length of these trips is 31 Days.

People that reside in the UK and that they are registered with a GP in the UK. 

Unfortunately not. You must be a permanent resident of the UK to be eligible to purchase travel insurance from us. Your trip must also start and finish in the UK too.

A wide range of sports and activities are covered as standard on all of the policies at no additional cost as long as you are participating on a recreational and non-professional basis during any trip and you are following local laws and regulations and using any recommended safety equipment.

A full list of sports covered as standard and any exclusions can be found in the policy booklets under “Sport and Other Activities”. You should check this list to ensure you are covered before participating.

Optional Golf Cover and Winter Sports Cover may be available to purchase at extra cost to provide more cover for those specific sports trips.

Limits, excesses and exclusions apply, for full details please refer to your policy booklet.

If all or part of your trip is aboard a cruise then you will need to take out a cruise policy; which covers cruise-specific necessities such as missed excursions, itinerary changes and cabin confinement. You will be asked to confirm if you’re going on a cruise in the initial stages of the quote/booking process. 

To contact our customer services team please call us on 0343 658 0325

We are open: 

Monday to Friday – 8:30am to 6pm
Saturday – 9am to 5pm
Sunday & Bank Holidays – Closed.

In the case of an emergency, please call our Emergency Assistance:

24/7 Medical Assistance – 02045 179 880

If you are calling from outside of the UK – +44 (0) 2045 179 880

Making a claim on your policy is easy to do. Once you get home, make sure you have your policy number to hand and contact the relevant claims department on:

Travel Claims – 02045 179 880

Open Monday to Friday – From 09:00 to 17:00

Gadget Claims – 03300 531 837

Open Monday to Friday – From 08:00 to 17:30

All limits are per insured person apart from Legal & Liability which are per policy.

You are free to cancel this policy at any time. If you wish to cancel within 14 days of the policy start date or the receipt of the policy documents whichever is the later, you may do so by contacting us on 01293 855 876 or by emailing or writing to us for a full refund providing you have not travelled and no claim has been made.

If you cancel a Single Trip policy after the first 14 days of receipt of the documents you will receive a partial refund, providing you have not travelled, made a claim or intend to make a claim.

If you cancel an Annual Multi-Trip policy after the first 14 days of receipt (or after the renewal date) we will refund a portion of the premium depending on the number of complete months remaining on your policy providing you are not on a trip at the time the policy is cancelled and no claim has been made since the policy was issued or renewed.

Your policy is sent to you automatically by email right after you buy your policy. It’s worth checking your junk or spam folder.

If it’s not there, please contact our customer service department on 0343 658 0325 to ascertain that your email address is correct and they will re-send to you. Alternatively, please get in touch via email at

The excess is the amount you pay when you make a claim which is set out in the table of benefits..

Where a claim is made for the same incident only one excess will apply per trip, per insured person (max 2).

If you use a Reciprocal Health Arrangement, any other arrangement with another country or private medical insurance to reduce your medical expenses, you won’t have to pay an excess.

Any of the following medical conditions from which you have suffered from or received medical advice, treatment (including surgery, tests, investigations by your doctor/consultant /specialist) or prescribed drugs or medication in the last five years:

  • Any cancer condition (including leukaemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and any type of skin cancer),
  • Any heart-related or blood circulatory condition (including high blood pressure and high cholesterol),
  • Any diabetic condition,
  • Any neurological condition (including stroke, brain haemorrhage, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy and dementia),
  • Any breathing condition (including asthma, bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease),
  • Any renal, kidney or liver condition,
  • Any psychiatric or psychological condition (including anxiety, stress and depression),
  • Any chronic condition that can be controlled but not cured (including back pain, Crohn’s, diverticular and coeliac disease and ulcerative colitis),
  • Any other medical condition for which you have been prescribed medication or which you have received or are waiting to receive treatment (including surgery, tests, or investigations) within the last 12 months.

When applying for travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions you have to complete a medical screening, either online or over the phone. This is simply a set of questions related to the condition of your health, designed to ascertain the type and severity or risk of the pre-existing medical condition you have.

Yes. If you have a pre-existing medical condition you will need to contact the Medical Screening team to declare your conditions. You can contact them on:

Medical Screening – 03436 580 362

Your pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered unless you have declared all conditions, received acceptance of this in writing, and paid an additional premium (where applicable).

No – Your airline should step in as they have a duty of care to help you. Under European Air Passenger Regulations any carrier licensed in an EU Country must offer you either a full refund or alternative flights. Check your rights on the Civil Aviation Authority website. 

If your carrier is not licensed in an EU country you may be covered under the Cancellation or Travel Disruption section of your policy.

No, you are not covered in the event you are unable to travel because the government/or another regulatory authority have imposed restrictions, including national lockdown or regional quarantine.

Please contact your travel provider, as they may be able to change your dates or provide a refund.

Yes, we can offer travel insurance to customers up to the age of 79 for Single Trip and Annual Multi Trip.

You can contact us at, or send your complaint via post to:

The Compliance Manager
ROCK Insurance Group
Griffin House
135 High Street
West Sussex

For complaints about how an assistance case or claim has been handled please contact:

Complaints Team
AXA Partners
The Quadrangle
106-118 Station Road
Phone us: 02045 179 880

If you are still unhappy about our service, you can contact the Financial Ombudsman Service:

Financial Ombudsman Service Exchange Tower
Harbour Exchange Square
E14 9SR

Please check your policy wording for a full list of winter sports activities that are covered if you have paid the additional Winter Sports premium.

If you are partaking in a sport or activity that you do not see listed in the policy wording then please contact us on 0343 658 0350.

Single Trip – No Requirements

Annual Multi-Trip – Where you have selected an Annual Multi-trip policy your policy is valid for UK travel where you have at least 2 nights pre-booked accommodation or pre-booked transport at least 50 miles from your home, or travelling abroad where the trip starts and finishes in your home area

Gadget Travel Insurance is designed to cover personal (portable) electronic gadgets and communication devices you carry with you on holiday subject to a maximum age of 5 years of age and laptops up to a maximum of 18 months old.

Accidental Loss, Theft, Mechanical Breakdown (Excluding Laptops) and Damage

Single TripNo, you will be covered from the date that you purchase your policy.

Annual Multi Trip Yes, you will not be covered for cancellation before the start date for all Annual policy.